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"I recently had a massage by Devada and it was an hour of complete relaxation. The atmosphere was soothing and she listened to my wants and needs. I would recommend her to friends." Rosemary I. (July 2)


"Better than La Costa Spa & Resort by 100%!" Uta M. (January 9)


"I loved the online booking feature. I very much enjoyed my massage with Devada. It was just the right amount of pressure and both effective and stress relieving." Debbie L. (October 26)


"Do not hesitate to go to La Vida Sana Wellness for a massage! I've been to Devada twice now and it's been awesome. From the moment you enter, you feel a sense of calmness. Devada is someone who really cares about your health. I would highly recommend her. Coming upon this facility that provides a relaxing atmosphere along with excellent service and top-notch massage is a true and rate find." Sandra S. (October 15)


"Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous...thank you, Devada!" Jackie C. (October 14)

"La Vida Sana Wellness offers a wide range of massage all of which are healing and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I feel the benefits days after which I have never experienced in all my years of receiving massage. Devada is professional, experienced and cares very much about providing a relaxing, healing experience. I highly recommend her. Reena R. (September 28)


"Devada was amazing!" Tissa C. (September 27)

"Devada is always warm and wonderful." Victoria K. (September 18)

"I so enjoy my massages with Devada. She is the best! The facility is always clean, with lots of interesting articles to read on keeping healthy You never feel rushed, before or after your session." Jean S. (September 14)

"You can tell by Devada's touch that she is talented, experienced, knowledgeable and believes in what she is doing." Susan M. (September 11)

"Devada does a wonderful massage, she never lets me down." Cynthia H. (September 7)

"Devada: You're a great massage therapists! That's why I keep coming back for more and I don't go anywhere else. I used to be a spa hopper but I'm, sticking with you." Gina C. (September 7)

"This is now my favorite place to get a massage. It never feels rushed. I feel Devada does a wonderful job and I always learn interesting information." Lee B. (September 5)

"Devada is is a miracle worker. Don't change a thing." Dan B. (September 1)

"Fabulous massage and reflexology treatment today. Thanks, Devada. I slept for two hours after the massage -you put my body in the "zone"!" Jackie C. (September 1)

"I can't imagine there could be any improvement on the massage that Devada gives!! Wonderful!" 

Kay P. (August 30)

"I loved Devada's gentle nature. I enjoyed starting the massage face up and having my face done. I really enjoyed her style and felt absolutely wonderful when she was done!" Anne H. (August 25)

"Fabulous!" Arlie Z. (August 22)

"I don't think you can [improve upon]! It's the best [massage]." Mary G. (August 18)

"You [Devada] are fabulous! You go way beyond a massage. What you do is truly therapy. Thank you!" Nancy S. (August 16)

"Devada is always the best. The facility is clean, comfortable, the energy is positive and it is the perfect environment to relax and enjoy your self indulgence...." Shiree T. (August 15)

"The Neck, Back & Shoulders service is a wonderful value and a great help!" Brian T. (August 15)

"It's hard to find a good massage therapist, I am fortunate to have found Devada. I have been benefiting from her service for over a year now. If you're in the hunt for a massage therapist, I strongly recommend that you try her out." Steve W. (July 14)

"Simply the best! YOU are the focus at La Vida Sana Wellness. Aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki are among the variety of offering from Devada and her skilled staff. Whether you need therapeutic massage for pain or injury, or you just want to treat yourself or someone you love, this is the place to go. Highly highly recommend!"

Nancy S. (July 14)

"As a guy, I don't normally get massages, but because it was my birthday, I decided to treat I tried La Vida Sana Wellness. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted and felt incredibly welcomed. All my questions answered. Devada really took time to listen to what I was looking for. This was such a fantastic experience, I'm coming back again!! Thank you, Devada, for making me feel special on my special day!! Lou L. (July 13)

"Devada of La Vida Sana Wellness does excellent work. I'm a "spa junky" of sorts. I used to go to lots of different spas all over San Diego, but now I've settled on Devada. She does excellent work and offers such great prices. You can't go wrong with her service and approach. She tailors the massage to what you need, and I come away feeling better and even walking taller. Well deserved 5-star review!" Gina C. (June 25)

"La Vida Sana is my new favorite place. Devada is the most amazing massage therapist~ and I have been to my share! I wish I could go there every week! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this gem...worth a drive from neighboring cities! Cheers to you La Vida Sana!" Kathy P. (October 8)

"After a busy summer of entertaining guests from New Zealand and marrying off my son, that hour on the table was Great!!! Thank you Devada for starting my fall season off right!" Sandy B. (October 7)

"Wonderful!! I will go relaxing and just what I needed. Thank you..." Janette H. (October 1)

"I was given a gift certificate for a massage on my birthday, I was very skeptical because I had, had a massage before was told that my shoulders were impossible because they were too stiff. My daughter told me about Devada and how wonderful she was so I decided to give to give it a shot. I was relieved of pain for 5 straight days! She was able to break up the stiffness tremendously. I am looking forward to being able to get another massage so anyone needing a massage please go to Devada. She was kind and understanding." Debby L. (September 19)

"Had the BEST Reflexology (foot) massage last Friday. It's a must for anyone! It was like my toes and feet had died and gone to heaven. It was sooo relaxing. I swear I though I was falling asleep. Thank, Devada! You're wonderful at what you do." Brittany A. (September 7)

"Devada, it's hard to express this wonderful massage you gave me! More than wonderful--I experienced the best treatment I needed! And you know how to focus into those needed areas. Your hands are the best ever! Thank you again and see you soon!" Mary Ann R. (August 16)

"Devada's massage at Replenish Retreat was truly the best massage I have ever experienced. The massage did not feel rushed at all, and I was completely at ease the entire time. She really focused on the areas where I needed it the most, and her combination of relaxing techniques truly made a difference. Thank you so much, Devada...I hope to see you at the next retreat!" Cami M. (May 7)

"Thank you Devada for the wonderful massage yesterday. It was the best ever!" Fern M. (April 22)

"I began developing frozen shoulder in early October. After 6+ months of constant pain and an increasing lack of mobility, I was a little leery of letting anyone "work" on me. After overhearing a strong recommendation for Devada's massage, I went in am soooo glad I did. Her soothing touch and joint manipulations are exactly what I need. Looking forward to my next appointment." Carolyn J. (April 20)

"I am currently involved in an extremely stressful situation. Devada's calming environment and caring personality put me at ease right away, and the massage made me feel physically better than I have in months. She really went above and beyond. I'll be back as soon as I can. Thanks so much, Devada!" Marsha R. (April 18)

"After one massage, I feel less pain, less depressed and more energy." Paulette O. (March 16)

"Another awesome visit with Devada. She's the best!" Joanie S. (January 27)

"Devada is the best masseuse around. I have used her for many years." Susan R. (January 23)

"Three months of treatment for knee pain. One trip to Devada, no more knee pain. Fantastic." Lynn A. (January 15)

"I just had the first of what will be many massages. Devada has wonderful hands. The environment is perfect--spotlessly clean, quiet, warm and soothing. It was a wonderful relaxing experience." Sheila B. (January 12)

"My first massage by Devada--wonderful! Thank you, I needed it badly. I'll be back." Sheree D. (December 18)

"Devada, Thank you for the most amazing and relaxing massage. I didn't want to leave!!! I'll be back very soon!!!" Sandi B. (October 27)

"Awwwwesome!" Joanie S. (October 21)

"Devada has a wonderful healing touch. I hate to fall asleep during a massage, and miss part of it, but Devada puts me into such a relaxed state I can't help it. Her space is warm and soothing and her massages are the best. Everyone should spend an hour with Devada at least once a month, and the world would be a better place!" Anne B. (October 9)

"Thanks Devada. The massage was amazing and I felt such relief afterwards. I went home and had a great night's sleep. See ya soon!" Jenniver S. (August 20)

"Thanks for the most awesome massage! I have not felt this great in a while." Laura D. (February 18)

"The BEST massage ever. Thank you Devada!" Gail G. (February 2)

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